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minorhp100's Journal

Drabbles for the Lesser Known HP characters
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Minor Character Love!

Welcome to a 100 word drabble community! This has been set up to give writers who like minor Harry Potter characters a chance to drabble their hearts out. This will be set up much like hp100 (I like to think this is a way of spreading the love around a bit more) but with a little variation. In this community, we will concentrate our efforts on the more minor HP characters. Feel free to write about a member of the Trio or a Weasley but know that they aren't as accepted here as in other places. Harsh? Possibly, but this community was created to give some screen time to those lesser-known characters we've learned to love!

Do you have questions that aren't answered below? go here and read the mod post, if that doesn't help, email either of us, we don't mind.

  • New challenges will be posted on Sunday (although the mods hold the right to post Saturday night).

  • Please keep each drabble at 100 words. It's not hard and it's actually great writing practice!

  • Keep all posts on topic. This means they should contain a drabble which pertains to the current weekly challenge and nothing else.

  • For your information, we're slash, het and gen friendly here, but please label appropriately. Thanks!

  • We are here to give love to minor characters, so please stay away from original characters (original characters are those that aren't named in the Lexicon). There are a lot of Lexicon Characters to choose from so grab a few and bring them to the party!

  • Please set up your posts like this so that the community stays clean and tidy.

  • Be nice! If you don't have anything good to say about a drabble or an author, then don't say anything at all. As much as authors appreciate comments, they don't necessarily need to hear that you don't "get it" or that you don't like their characters. That's just not cool. On the other hand, if you like a drabble, tell the author! Comments are love!

  • We will archive using tags: by author, by prompt and by the house you choose to play for. If you forget to do this yourself, the mod will come and do it afterwards. Don't worry! You'll be archived whether or not you remember!

  • You can choose to add points (1 per drabble unless otherwise stated in the challenge) to your team each week. Pick the Snakes, Badgers, Eagles or Lions. Each week, the challenges will be added up and posted so you can see how your team did!

Do you want to see who has won each week? You can find the Houses listed here.


Community info archived at 150_comms


Questions or comments or suggestions?
Please send them to andrea__88@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters, plots, and other aspects are copyrighted by J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Raincoast Books and Warner Brothers; This live journal community and its posts/members are using them for pure entertainment. No money is being made or exchanged from this.